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VIVALCE was founded in 1983, with the aim of supplying raw materials for the industry, incorporating, along the years, machinery and automation systems, to complement the offer for the customers.
Moreover, our aim is to give an excellent “Customer Service”, which motivates us every day to improve and determines the mission as well as the vision of VIVALCE:
Our Mission: To distribute high quality and reliable products and equipments, to various industries, together with a very good service.
Our Vision: We want to be a leader company in the market, not only because of the quality of the products and equipments traded, but also due to the good service to customers.


To fulfill with the Mission and Vision, we need to focus on:


Quality: of the products as well as of the service, that can be demonstrated by the direct and indirect Service to Customers, along the commercial, technical, administrative and logistic areas.
Team Work: the collaboration of all the members of VIVALCE is necessary to succeed in each transaction.
Flexibility: the capacity of adaptation to different situations of the market is fundamental to be able to begin new projects and seize business opportunities as well as to overcome difficulties.
Trajectory: the above mentioned values are constantly shown throughout the life of VIVALCE, defining business conducts that enhance undertaking and reliability.

Tel/Fax: (54-11) 4701-6700 Rotary Lines
Vuelta de Obligado 4535/37 (C1429AWI)
E- mail:
Capital Federal - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Technical Assistance and Development:
We have trained technical staff to assist our customers in the use of the products we distribute, as of a continue research and development of different markets.